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Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is extensively researched, evidenced based therapy that utilizes pressure points on and within the body. It is based on Eastern Medicine meridian techniques, which were discovered by Dr. Roger Callahan. The technique is known for helping to relive stress, bring balance and harmony to emotional responses and held emotions. EFT has the power to regulate your nervous system, provide fast relief and aim at processing strong emotions, traumatic memories, fears, beliefs, physical sensation.

By processing them physically, cognitively, emotionally and energetically, we desensitize and free ourselves from the negative impact of those responses as they no longer cause distress.

EFT is very effective, simple and easy to learn. It can be applied in treating symptom related to Anxiety Disorder, PTSD, emotional distress as well as acute stress. EFT can be used by children and adults and can be applied in clinical setting as well outside of therapy as needed.

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