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Is therapy for me?

Is therapy for me?

Yes, therapy is for everyone.

Individuals or couples seek therapy for many different reasons.

As an individual you may be struggling with difficult thoughts, emotions or behaviors. Therefore, you may feel overwhelmed, discouraged, stuck, anxious or sad.

Furthermore, you may have achieved success, great career, financial stability, marriage but you feel lonely, empty and not fulfilled. Despite all the success you are still not feeling happy, not feeling enough and are looking for more.

Perhaps some areas of your life are not the way you envisioned them to be and you have a desire to understand why.

As a couple you may be facing a sudden threat or challenge to your relationship. Perhaps you are becoming aware that something is not working between you which is increasingly impossible to ignore. Perhaps you are facing infidelity, separation or divorce.

If you have tried almost everything and this is your last try to ask for help or to save your marriage before giving up on getting help, you are in the right place.

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.”

Lao Tzu

Counseling is a non-judgmental space where you can not only explore an issue you may have, but also your past experiences, your relationships with others and yourself.

In addition, therapy creates time to explore your life, to help you understand, develop and grow as a person.

It can be a place to let it all out, and express the feelings, thoughts and emotions that you hold back in everyday life.

If you are finding yourself stuck, we can work together to figure out what it is you are stuck on and how best to help you get free.

Therapy Central NY offers cutting-edge treatment modalities backed by research and science. We offer a self-pay model that allows us to accept a limited number of clients at a time so we can focus on providing high-quality therapy tailored to your needs.

Meet Joanna Terrelonge, LMHC the founder of Therapy Central NY

Meet Joanna Terrelonge, LMHC the founder of Therapy Central NY

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